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We will evaluate your situation quickly and assist you in making an informed decision about how to improve your credit.

Fresh Start

We work aggressively with the credit agencies and previous creditors to challenge the negative records that are hurting your credit score.

Scrub & Monitor

We monitor your progress around the clock and work with you to build a solid credit future. We can also assist with free credit monitoring.

We develop a vision

Take control of your future and start repairing your credit right now…


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On average our clients see a boost in their credit between 100 and 200 points!


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The Secret Sauce

Now any one can have great credit again. Gone are the days of waiting years to clear out your credit. Here’s how we can boost yours in just one to two months.

Eraser Tool to clear late or no payment marks on your credit.

B.K. Terminator put an end to your BK once and for all.

Credit Monitoring to make sure you keep your 5 star credit.

Debt Resolution clear any debt problems now or in the past.

Loan Modification to move your debt and lower your payments.

Rate Adjustment Tool we get better rates from your lenders

It’s not magic, it just seems like it

After years of credit challenges, you may not believe that you can fix your bad credit, but now you can have great credit again and we guarantee it. Get started with a free credit analysis.

Your Success, Is Our Success!

5 Star saved my business by fixing my credit and helping me get a loan. I can not thank them enough for their incredible services! I highly recommend. – Eddie R. Portland