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It all starts with the bureaus

Step one is to find out exactly how Equifax, Experian and Trans Union (the Three major credit bureaus) rate your score. This helps us decide where to start digging in

Step 2

Next we identify which things are effecting your credit the most on each report.

Step 3

Create a step by step credit repair plan and a timeline of how to complete each action.

Step 4

Have a detailed meeting to you our plan and the costs that are associated with the repair.

Credit monitoring

After we fix your credit, we make sure to maintain it with our state of the art credit monitoring services.

Business Funding

Need funds to upgrade hardware, change locations or add more staff? Let us introduce you to some great lenders with great rates.

Personal Funding

We can also help you refinance personal loans including auto, real estate and debt consolidation. All keys to building having a 5 Star Credit Report.


Avg. Credit Boost

On average our clients see a boost in their credit between 100 and 200 points!


Happy Customers

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Loans Approved

After fixing your credit you’ll be a prime candidate for business or personal funding.


Success Rate

We are proud to report that everyone who has taken part in our program has seen improved credit scores and increased financial gains!

750+ Excellent
650+ Good
550 or less Needs Repair

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